Do We Have Great Fans, or What?! (Yes, We Do!)

Do We Have Great Fans, or What?! (Yes, We Do!)

Thank you to the World!

We’re working on some new stuff and will be posting the details up soon, but in the meanwhile, we just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who have been stopping by our website.

We’ve been noticing traffic spikes from Pakistan and the US, India and Canada, the UAE and the UK, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Tunisia and Germany just to name a few places, and we’re excited that the word about our music is spanning across so many parts of the world!

Thank you and please keep your feedback coming! Remember, you can stay connected to us through social media links listed in the contact page or write to us through – Many many thanks!


  1. its good to know that their are talented Paki’z :) . love you music. Keep it Up..

  2. OMG….you have to come to Delhi…even though i m gonna have a heart attack when i see you gals singing in front of me…i dont care! at least i will die listening to your music…such bliss! love you..muah! <3

  3. You can’t just come to mumbai, eat dosa and go back! you have left me in a coma so divine, so peaceful that my rock madness has hibernated! anyway, serefe cheers xyz, your music made it to my playlist and i will try to do a ‘Great fan’ thing by starting a project on Folk rock opening up a few links to Indian media or national television (not the boring ones!)

    P.S. Z&H, Bibi sanam janem, keep rocking!
    - Parikshit

  4. Well what can I say about you guys….Your just awesome..! I absolutely love your music work…You guys did a great job at the Coke Studio…Zeb you have such a nice voice…And also Haniya you are very good. Keep up the good work……!

  5. Just sing the “Nazar Eyle” song to the Turkish Embassy in Pakistan, the next day you will be perfoming in Turkey!

  6. NICEE ZEB !!!!!!!!

  7. Dear Zeb and Haniya,

    You guys(sorry.. gals!) are fan-TAS-tic. I’m a grad student in New York, from Bangalore(India). Being a trained (Indian) classical musician myself(been drumming for 21 years..well not literally!), I love the sense of rhythm you bring into your songs. Your choice of songs is so refreshing to my ear, that I’m addicted to your Coke Studio sessions. You gals are surely the new-age Simon & Garfunkel.

    Why I love your songs:

    1. Nazaar Eyle.. .one word -> Angelic. Z and the backup singers produce this effect. The drummer (I googled) Gumby is fantabulous. The time-signature of 5 beats is simply awesome. Love the change of tempo in the Coke Studio recording. The sound of the darabuka and the drums is beautiful. The violin is mesmerizing. Can you please explain the context of this song to me?

    2. Chup: This song is awesomeness defined.

    3. Paimona: This was the first song of yours I heard, and I was hooked to Zeb’s voice. I googled on the lyrics, mindblowing!

    4. Bibi Sanam Janem: You have made me fall in love with your musical offerings with this very song.

    Keep rocking ZnH and here’s wishing you all the best in your musical journey ahead!

    Love and Peace,
    An earnest seeker of musical bliss.

  8. Hi dudes,
    Hope you will be safe and sound by the blessing of Almighty Allah.
    I realy love both of you and I listen to your songs with great pleasure.
    Wish you the same prosperity and familirity in your life.

  9. gaurav arora |

    I have a big crush on zeb because of her amazinnngggg voice. i wish you both come to India. i wanna see you guys perform paimona
    and bibi sanem, and chup :)

  10. Zeb & Haniya are no doubt the best female act we have right now in Pakistani Music industry. Keep up the good work. You gals are gonna shine in the whole World soon.

  11. Hi Zeb and Haniya

    I absolutely lurvee your music and completely hooked on to Zeb’s voice. Plz plz plz come to India and perform. I’m from Delhi but now work in Bombay. You can come to either of these cities. I’ll surely make it. Keep rocking :)

  12. I stumbled in to your music on you tube and next thing i know im hooked on it, then there was the Dewarist and now your music is on the loop in my player… i love your work. Cant wait for new songs ♥♥

  13. Dear zeb and haniya,
    i m from a place called udupi in india.
    you are brilliant singers. i loved paimona(even though i did not understand the lyrics) and chal diye. wonerful singing. watched you in dewarists too. again you were awesome. hope to listen more from you.
    yours truly

    ps: haniya sing more. even you have a very good voice

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